Slippers are undoubtedly so popular because they are comfortable, easy to put on and take off and, above all, very useful. Because let's face it, who hasn't gone to take out the rubbish in slippers? That's why at Recykers we have done a lot of research to develop our line of Slippers. We've put a lot of emphasis on making sure you don't lose an ounce of dignity wearing your slippers and on the materials and workmanship of this collection. That's why these slippers are recycled, vegan, sustainable and very fashionable. And now that work is the order of the day, your Slippers will save you every day. Because they match perfectly with your everyday clothes or those outfits that you wear to be calm or quiet at home, you'll have the perfect outfit even with slippers at home!


Slippers for women:

Slippers for men:

How are the materials and manufacture of our Slippers? All the materials we use in our Slippers are sustainable. We use recycled felt in the cut, which is made from plastic bottles in some models and organic cotton in others. The lycra we use is completely recycled as well. And as for the sole, it is made of natural rubber and we can find recycled foam in the insoles. Some of the models also have sheepskin on the inside for those who suffer from very cold feet during the winter.


 The most comfortable Slippers and with the best design

If slippers are such a versatile type of footwear, why not give them the prominence they deserve? That's why our designs have a lot of style so that, no matter which one you choose, you'll be as comfortable or comfortable as fashionable. Pönia Collection The Pönia Slippers have an ergonomic design based on the lycra back that adapts perfectly to the heel. In addition, they have a thermo-shaped insole and a natural rubber sole that makes these slippers very comfortable and makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. And if you don't believe it, make your purchase and check it out. Igloo Collection Although if you are used to not having so much support in your slippers, your best option is our Igloo collection. With a similar design, the Igloo has different touches, such as the sole. It's still just as comfortable, but we've highlighted it more to give it a more casual style. How to know your size?

If you want to know how to measure your foot and thus avoid having to change your size, we recommend that you take a look at our post about how to measure your foot correctly. Although we inform you that in our online shop size changes are free, do not miss all the information here.


The most colourful Slippers for your feet

Every year we add more and more colours and models to our Slippers line, as they are always a great success both for our own purchases and as gifts. So you can always find cool colours that will give you a lot of fun.

Like for example our Pönia Colors, which bring a lot of light and fun to your feet thanks to their new colours both in the shoe and in the piping. Don't miss them! For women:

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For men:

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 The colour of Christmas brings to our Slippers

A new colour arrives in the Recykers online shop for Christmas. These eco-friendly Slippers are as stylish as they are comfortable. Its flamboyant burgundy colour is amazing and invites you to spend an evening with a blanket and a movie by the fireplace this Christmas (or outside of it). You can find them for both men and women, you can't miss them!


Why buy these Slippers? We're sure we don't have to twist your arm to convince you to wear our cosy and comfortable Slippers. But in case you're not totally convinced that these are the ultimate slippers, here are a few reasons that we're sure will convince you. Slippers can prevent accidents in the home Wood, tile and linoleum floors can be slippery, especially if you're only wearing socks. That's why our Slippers have extra grip on the soles, so you can drastically reduce those annoying trips and falls that seem to happen when you're in a hurry. They make you feel more relaxed This reason is especially aimed at those who telecommute. Relaxed and comfortable working is far more productive. So if you are working at home right now, our Slippers will become your best ally to work. Slippers keep your home clean The soles of the shoes we wear on the street have a lot more dirt on them than the slippers we wear exclusively at home. So you can keep your home cleaner. They reduce the risk of catching a cold No, we are not like your mothers when you were little and they came after you to keep you warm. But now experts are warning that cold feet can increase the risk of catching a cold. Why is that? Because cold feet cause the blood vessels in your nose to constrict. This is a protective reflex that slows down the loss of body heat in an attempt to keep our bodies as warm as possible, which causes the tiny germ-filtering hairs in the nose to lose their movement, increasing the risk of developing illness during cold weather. We remind you that not all of our Recykers Slippers have sheepskin lining, so you don't have to wait for the big drop in temperatures to get them. You can buy them and wear them as soon as the summer is over. If you need help to choose your pair of sustainable slippers you have at your disposal our email, phone and Whatsapp to resolve any doubts you have when purchasing any of our items. Get the sustainable slippers that you won't want to take off to be at home or to do your little errands, go for the #Shoestenibles and do your bit for a more sustainable world! And don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @recykers

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